On May 30th 2021, Brentford FC won promotion to the premier league for the first time since the 1940s. The outcome of this has led to many positive for the club, but recently, the club ticketing websiste has been overwhelmed by resellers and bots, who are taking tickets from real fans and reselling them for a profit. This has been proving a real issues for all Brentford fans this season, as it is proving very difficult for the real fans to get hold of tickets, due to the high amount of people desperate to watch premier league football on their doorstep. 

A recent example of this is when everyone was flocking to purchase tickets for the Brentford vs Manchester United fixture. Someone who fell victim to ticket resellers during this game was a Brentford fan of seven years, called Max Johnson. We were lucky enough to speak to Max and this is what he had to say. 'Having been a Brentford fan for such a long time, getting promotion to the top division was amazing for the club. However, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of tickets going on sale to real fans at the moment. I feel as a club, the Brentford staff are not doing enough to clamp down on illegal reselling and something must be done as soon as possible.'

After abit of further research, I was able to locate some sites where these tickets were being resold. One site, had purchased the ticket with bots, for £40 and was reselling it for £225!

This issue is not only happening at clubs like Brentford, but also at community clubs up and down the country. Something must be done by these clubs!