We asked south east Londoners what their most memorable Christmas presents were when they were children.

The best Christmas present is the gift of family- or that’s what we’re told to believe.

But as a child, the best Christmas present is well; presents.

We asked our readers what their most memorable present was as a child.

*Gifts include but are not limited to; bikes, mobile phones and a doll that was set on fire.

Here’s what they had to say:

Nat West said: “Blackberry curve 8520.

“I thought I was the bees knees with that phone.”

Sharon Sybil Sasnovski said: “A little record player with a speaker.”

Jeannette Pearce said: “Mousetrap and my red chopper bike.”

Ginette Hobbs said: “My Topsy Turvy clown and his little red car.”

Maria Kingsford said: “The Lion King VHS.”

Bev Symonds said: “My first two-wheeler bike- it was bright blue.

“I thought Santa had delivered it, but much later found it was a second hand one my dad painted to look brand new.”

Sarah Bobey said: “My little pony and rainbow brite.”

Angela Bates said: “Portable record player and Baby, I love You by The Ronettes.”

Moglet MacMillan said: “Green dungarees and a stripy top that my mum knitted for my teddy bear.”

Trevor Johnson said: “A train set.”

Linda Caward said “A sewing machine.

“I put my thumb under the needle and turned it on- it went right through my nail.

“My dad had to reverse the needle out and I lost my nail a week later.”

Chelli Gillman-keating said: “A twin dolls pram.”

Nigel Warren said: “A red Chopper bike.”

June White said: “A walking, talking doll about 2 feet tall with brown hair.

“Unfortunately, I decided to give her a wash and dry in front of the fire.

“Her face slightly melted.”

Stephen Rand said: “Johnny seven gun.”

Sophie Ann Parker said: “Buzz lightyear.”

Steven Youells said: “In 1981, I got an orange Raleigh Ace racing bike an a TCR.”

Sharon Charvetto said: “I got a Cindy doll and a dolls house.”


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