Pride and Prejudice is an amazing piece of literature and will forever be a classic in the eyes of many. I don't think anyone would have imagined it would appear on stage and especially not in the way it has.

Pride and Prejudice (sort of) is an adaptation of Jane Austen's book performed by only women in the theatre. It is adapted to be a hilarious and light hearted play narrated by the servants. 
Whilst including important information, sets and costumes to reflect the book, they still managed to create a funny and comfortable environment in which everyone could greatly enjoy the show.

They added modern twists such as using red cups in the party scene. This really adds to the comedy and essence of the show. 

In the book there are many emotional and dramatic moments, they show this on stage by adding some of the heart wrenching scenes so you can really see the contrast between those scenes and the comedic scenes. 
As well as being able to change their emotions extremely quickly, they play all of the characters. They all played at least two characters some more than two. The fact they were able to play multiple characters and were able to clearly show the different characteristics shows the extent of their talent. Not only this but they all sing. Just before you thought it couldn't get any better they turn it into a musical. 

You do not have to like the book to enjoy this show. It has something for everyone, comedy, beautiful costumes, emotional monuments, modern twists, hidden information about the book and much much more. 

It is an amazing adaptation and a must watch show.