From late August 2021, multiple cars in the Crayford area, specifically around Iron Mill Lane have been reported stolen. However, in recent weeks, the number of cars being taken has been expeditiously increasing. 

 For Crayford residents, the latest events have been alarming, yet looking at statistics from June 2019, Crayford was listed as the third most dangerous place in Bexley by the Metropolitan Police, so to the authorities, the news may not have been as shocking.  

 In the early hours of Wednesday 1st December, two cars were stolen from Iron Mill Lane. The Police were alerted when both owners discovered them missing, and as of now both cars have been returned. Fortunately, both vehicles only have scratches and minor damage.                         

  One of the cars belonged to British Olympic Gymnast Giarni Regini-Moran, who recently represented Team GB in the Tokyo 2020 games. 

I was able to speak with him on Friday 3rd of December where he stated that he was thankful his car had a tracker, and with the help of the Police, his car was located, and the three perpetrators were swiftly apprehended and arrested. At the time of us speaking the authorities still had the car due to investigating forensic evidence.

 In his own words Giarni stated that he was:

"Looking forward to getting it back soon." 

He also mentioned being "Grateful I had precautions in place and had the support of local residents and the police in attempting to look for my car."

However, since December 1st, more cars have been reported stolen in the area, including a blue fiat 500 that was reported missing on the 4th of December. It is likely the car was again taken in the late hours of the 3rd or early hours of the 4th. 

It is not yet clear if there is a reason for the recent increase of vehicle theft in Crayford, but I urge you all to ensure your cars are kept as safe as can be and locked at all times, both in the Crayford area and anywhere else.