Two days before my sister’s eighteenth birthday, she was upstairs doing her homework in her bedroom. Suddenly, she heard a loud bang downstairs and the sound of hushed voices despite being home alone. She discovered that there were intruders in the house - it is suggested that the intruders were watching the house as they broke within five minutes after my parents and I had left the house. She locked her door shut and played music in the hope to ward off the intruders as they would hesitate knowing someone was in the house. In an astonishing turn of events, the robbers then barged up the stairs and attempted to break into my sister’s bedroom. Luckily they were unsuccessful. The unknown suspects stole everything valuable in their sight including gold and jewellery, though to my parents, my sister’s safety was more important. Despite being broad daylight, due to lack of fear and sheer arrogance the thieves walked out of the front door as opposed to the back door when leaving. The police had taken fingerprints of the burglars but they are still not found. My sister says “the fear of the break in still feels fresh in my mind today. The slightest noise can still put me on edge. Despite upgrading security and involving cameras, being home alone is still a traumatic experience for me.” A moment of greed and arrogance has left a long lasting emotional trauma scar on my sister.