Animal cruelty has been a controversial topic in the past few years with certain animals being hunted, killed and used to create a variety of products, and consequently, becoming extinct in the process.

With the demand of animal fur and meat increasing, how have people tried to resolve this issue?

On the 4th of December, a group of protesters stood outside Canada Goose - a clothing store mainly known for their lightweight and durable jackets. They held signs which somewhat mocking the company's use of animal fur, demanding that the company cease the use of animal fur to make their products.

"Animals are just like us", they chanted. The signs had the words "Proudly torturing animals since 1951".

Canada Goose is infamous for selling garments made from fur from animals like coyotes and foxes. The graphic way they killed the animals created a lot of problems for the company as there was an outrage by people, including organisations that aim to protect animals from corporate companies. 

For a lesser known clothing store in the UK, Canada Goose seems to have collected a lot of controversy. There was not a lot of protesters outside the store, but their message was loud and clear: animals deserve to live "just like humans". 

With Christmas approaching, fur jackets are in high demand due to the cold, and they could be bought as Christmas presents. Thus, more animals are being skinned of their fur coats in order to produce the products. Is this really the great time to protest against these types of companies when Christmas is right around the corner?

Nevertheless, these protesters seem determined to change the regular use of fur in clothing and save the animals.