What is Islamophobia? Islamophobia is the term used when hatred is used against Muslims because of their religion (Islam). Islamophobia has been increasing severely, especially after the great tragedy of 9/11 (11 September 2001) after this terrible catastrophe, why did this happen? Well, it was because of the hijackers that crashed into several buildings believing that they would go to Jannah (heaven). Due to the misrepresentation of Muslims in the media, the public has believed that all Muslims are evil and are terrorists which are absolutely not true, in fact, Islam teaches us, Muslims: morals/ethics, respect, and peace the meaning of Islam is “submission to the will of God. “The media has unfortunately used stereotypes against Muslims, as they have done with other communities (race, sex, sexuality, religion, etc) one of the stereotypes include: the media thinking that the hijab (which is a scarf wrapped around a women’s heads to cover their hair and neck which is a form of modesty, and they are to be covered head to toe)  the media thinks it oppresses women thinking that Islam is forcing them to cover up, but actually it’s an obligation from  ALLAH peace be upon him, he has ordered the women of Islam to wear the hijab, as to show their devotion, Muslim women have the right to choose when to wear the hijab, and no one can force them to wear it. Islam isn’t the only religion that tells women to be modest from head to toe, to show devotion to ALLAH peace be upon him. Christianity has its nuns: women who devote their lives to their God to show their devotion, but no one seems to question that, do they? Society and the media have implanted negative thoughts on Muslims. Parts of the media are becoming hypocritical and we as a society must learn to accept and respect one another, let us all live in peace. If you ever see any sort of hatred against Muslims, please stand up and educate them! Do not be silenced by the media or its stereotypes, do what is morally right, and in the end, we are all humans.