18-year-old, Kyle Rittenhouse has killed 2 men and injured one during a 2020 anti-racist protest. The victims were Joseph Rosenbaum aged 36- and 26-year-old Anthony Huber plus Gaige Grosskreutz,27. He shot, Gaige in the arm. Using for them all an AR-15 style weapon, which was semi-automatic, in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the 25th August 2020. He did this in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake a black man left paralysed after the shooting. Which ignited protests on the streets. When put on trial he received a ‘Not guilty’ for the 5 charges and from the 12 jurors present. They got shown frame by frame occasionally images and a video leading to and following the shootings. He was found ‘Not guilty’ of charges including homicide and felony charges – 2 of which were recklessly endangering safety. At the age of 17 a year ago he travelled from his home Illinois to the city. To in his opinion to aid protection of property from unrest. The prosecution wanted to show Rittenhouse as having acted both criminally and recklessly. In their closing argument the prosecution said in response to the defence why he broke curfew of a city he did not live in and he pretended to guard what he was not familiar with, people and property. On the other hand, the defence showed him as trying to help his community. Also, that he reacted to people attacking him all outlined in their closing argument.

This case has become a flashpoint in a highly divided spectrum of views over gun rights in the US.