As the countdown to Christmas begins, countless promises have been made for a Christmas that is much better than last year, where people can celebrate the joy of Christmas again, surrounded by friends and family. However, the new development of the omicron variant has put a threat to the promise of a better Christmas this year round.

A total of 87 cases of the Omicron variant has been detected so far in the UK. As a result, the Government has acted fast and new guidelines have been introduced, to reduce the spread of the virus. Mandatory mask wearing in schools and shops has been re-introduced and 4 new countries have been added to the red list meaning anyone arriving from a country in the red list must isolate in a quarantine hotel for 10 days and get a PCR test. In addition, any confirmed cases and close contacts are being followed up and requested to isolate and get a PCR test as well. People have also been urged to follow the new guidelines and get their first and second jabs when applicable and when called up get their booster jab which will be offered now to everyone over the age of 18 in age groups, in hope that everyone over the age of 18 would have been offered a booster jab by January 2022. The government has rapidly stepped in, following the discovery of the new variant, which is yet to be confirmed but could be more transmissible, in order to reduce the spread of the new variant and offer hope to a much better Christmas this year around.

Thousands of people were disappointed last year that they weren’t able to spend Christmas with their friends and family, and don’t want a similar situation to occur again this year after such a hard couple of years. Consequently, the Government has acted fast to reduce the spread of the virus, with hope of a safe and joyful Christmas this year. Thousands are getting ready for a much better Christmas this year with friends, family, plenty of food, presents and outings such as pantomimes and trips to wonderful festive amusements such as winter wonderland in Hyde Park and various ice skating rinks in and around London. Hopefully, with these new guidelines, we can reduce the spread of the new variant and enjoy Christmas again and the many outings and joys with goes with it.