Depression is a serious form of sadness, anger and confusion which can lead on to dangerous damage. It’s negative impacts and tolls can affect mental health which need to be addressed and discussed. It can be because of stress, anxiety, consciousness and/or bullying. The sad part of depression is that it is really hard to tell who is going through a rough time. Depression has been described as an internal eating disease which slowly consumes your consciousness and well being. 


Bullying plays a big role when talking about depression. Bullying is the act of hurting others feelings emotionally, physically and/or mentally. All of the different types of bullying lead to a negative impact on the person's mental health. It could lead to bad thoughts, such as thinking of taking your own life. This is called being suicidal. 


Depression is more common amongst the young age of 18 to 24 which makes up 10.9% of the population. This age group could be heavily affected by depression and a mixture of sadness and stress because they are finally entering adulthood. Adulthood comes with a great number of responsibilities; a main goal was in maintaining a healthy and indépendant livelihood. I would call people who have fought depression survivors. They have overcome the thoughts of committing bad damage which can cause serious harm.