As we all know, there's a new Covid variant on the loose, and as of this article being released, there are already 22 cases in the UK. The question is: Should We Be Scared?

All the evidence points to yes, because of our previous experiences of Covid and its Delta variant. We had two lockdowns, mass unemployment due to people being furloughed, and an overwhelming of the NHS. The Omicron variant seems to be multiplying at a rate that seems impossible to stop. It's reminiscent of the early days of COVID, with cases going from 51 to 87 to 116 in a day in the UK.

However, this time, our situation is not too similar to the entirety of 2020 and the first half of 2021. This time, 115 million doses of the vaccine have been given and 68.9% of the UK's population have been fully vaccinated, with the figure expected to grow. Additionally, many, many cases of COVID do not lead to hospitalisation anymore, and self isolating for the 10 full days required normally helps symptoms go.

As long as we all continue to follow the government guidelines, like wearing our masks in all indoor spaces, wear our masks on public transport and get vaccinated, we won't need to be too scared.