Winter Wonderland is back this year and after its long awaited return, it's brought with it a new attraction. Whilst still keeping family favourites such as the ice rink, workshops and circus acts, they've also added a new one to the list. The 1970's themed "ice bar".This new bar would have food and drinks for the everyone to enjoy and could prove to be a very profitable investment for Winter Wonderland if it is successful. But before you put on your ice skates and rush to Hyde Park, here are a few of the rules which must be followed during your visit to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you; Entry times must be chosen before visiting, a date between November the 19th and January the 3rd must be chosen, rides, games and and shows must be added to your package on the winter wonderland website. If you follow all of these rules you'll have a great time and stay safe. Now hurry and book your tickets before its too late! And just remember, online booking means shorter queues!