Life in 2050 

In my opinion by 2050 there will be mass advancements in computer engineering as technology will improve drastically as we see in current days in 2021. We are introduced to advancements all the time but will the current advancements be a micro spec of technology of the future. Well in my opinion I think yes it will as the current day iPhone which is capable of having a 1 TB storage capacity and an a15 bionic chip, it won’t be surprising to it being the equivalent of a red blood cell compared to the technology in 2050. 

The advancements will also expose us to an array of new materials that we will probably replace or even be called silly as we may have advancements in the use of silicon based integrated circuits with carbon based integrated circuits or even other materials. However, we are yet to overcome possible natural disasters such as climate change, rising sea levels and pollution.