The Van Gogh Immersive experience is a genius approach, using 'cutting edge' technology and innovative artistic techniques to place us audience in a deeper perspective of the life of the famed artist: Vincent Van Gogh. 


This exhibition is located in London, 106 Commercial Street, placed within a beautiful former 19th century stable building, sitting opposite the Old Spitalfields Market.

Apon arival, you are instantly welcomed by creative dectoratives- such as the 3D sunflowers (reflecting the reacurring theme of sunflowers within Van Goghs Paintings) and once you've confirmed your tickets, the dive into this artistic perspective begins.

There are multiple sections within the experience, each providing deeper knowlage as well as beautiful, visual satisfaction through the use of technology. You are able to indulge yourself into details of each of Van Goghs pieces, and later into details about his life before, during and after his artistic career. This is done through multiple things such as models of settings we see within significant paintings and interactive displays. 

Later in this exhibition, you are able to experience complete artistic immersion through a unique 360 degrees vertual experience- and as described officially: "a ten-minute journey through 'a day in the life of the Artist." It was incredible to experience, peaceful and provided amazing visuals. (However the easily motion sick are adviced to be careful.) 

"The main attraction", as Charlotte Mudd states, "was possibly one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire exhibition ."- the immersive experience itself. A 20,000 square foot experience including spectacular light and sound- projecting two story's behind some of Van Goghs most exquisite work.

"It's a truly remarkable experience"  Charlotte continued "-and one i'd definitely recommend to anyone"

This exhibition suitable for wide audiences and is family friendly, one activity including becoming "the next Van Gogh", where a large colouring station is provided to show off some of your own artistic skills.
The wide spaces as well as hands-free exhibits allow them take as much care in being as COVID-safe as possible.

Lastly, at the end, you are able to purchase souvenirs from the gift shop stationed at the exit- with a range of items from note books, to posters. 

The Van Gogh: immersive experience is one I highly recommend to anyone and everyone interested in arts, or even just to experience the stunning artistic results of cutting-edge technology.