West End Lawn Tennis Club                             By Milen Pattni

The Life of Pinner

Pinner Tennis Club is a wonderful prospect in the town’s community for it unites people of all ages in jubilance for the leisure of tennis.

It is very accessible for the locals and allows people that are not usually very active to have a direct and close place where they can stay fit.

The club has been running since 1910 and has been a joy to everyone that ventured into its delightful arms.

There is a rich history to such a fabulous club and it starts from 1912 when a name started rising to the people of Pinner. The club originally consisted of two grass courts where many local competitions were held. After that, the club was able to survive the harshness of World War I and in 1921 the owners renovated the grounds by adding another pair of courts next to it

In the mid 1920’s West End Lawn became a major hit where people would blow off steam and come swing at some tennis balls. Throughout the years and over the course of World War II the club was passed around between owners. This allowed the club to develop new ideas and ways of teaching children and adults who looked to develop a skill in the sport of tennis. .As a member of the Pinner tennis community, I would have to say this club has played a big role in allowing myself




to develop skills to help me progress in the sporting world.

The coaching at the club is second to none and can benefit players of all ages. Sessions can range from group to one-on-one individual practice depending on your preference.

Overall, the club is great and really plays a big part in the community of Pinner. Everyone that signs up enjoys it and people can’t stop having fun. That is why it has been a sociable destination to exercise for the past 111 years.