It's officially the most wonderful time of the year, which means the streets of London would be full of lights and christmas cheer.  The people of the London would have decorated their homes all brightely and beautifully, to bring on the christmas spirit.  Especially how last year, Christmas was cancelled due to the COVID lockdown, this year we need to go all out and see what they is to do in this wonderful city.  

Here is a little guide as to what you can do and enjoy in London city during this time:

- First and for most, the infamous Winter Wonderland held in Hyde Park is back and in action, for those of you who don't know what that is, Winter Wonderland is one big Christmas market.  It has many small business operating such as people selling churros and many more delicious treats.  Moreover, there are big rides you could go on and have a wonderful time with the family. 


- Secondly, there are many other markets you could visit, such as Camden market and Leicester Square.  They are beautifully decorated with christmas decor and ready for you to go visit!


-Thirdly, there are a few ice rinks open for people to go ice skating.  This would be a brileaint opportunity to go larn how to skate and have a bit of a laugh with loved ones.  


- Finally if you would like something a bit more simple, a casual stroll in central London would be wonderful.  London would have to be one of the most grandest countries, that go all out during the Christmas season.  To your luck, you are most likely to live in London, so get out there and enjoy the views.  The streets are full of christmas cheer and famous building such as Harrods would be filled with lights and decor.  Furthermore, every hour from 12pm up until 7pm it "snows" in Covent Garden, this event would be happening until the 27th December.


With all of events taking place and more, there is no excuse for you to say you have nothing to do during Christmas, so go enjoy yourself, since we would have to wait a whole more year to experience this if you don't go now.  Wishing you all a safe, happy and merry Christmas! Stay safe!