For those who may not know, Ealing Trailfinders is the name of a rugby club that was never known for much. They had an average professional team, sitting in the championship (the second division), alright coaching throughout the years, and the youth skillset was reasonably limited. Now that was the case… until now! 


The Under Fifteens Team (U15s) within Ealing was nothing special. Sure, we had our strong points, but this tiny handful of greatness could not possibly scale up against the flaws that poured out from the team. Coaches weren’t patient and  players were beginning to leave. Team morale was at an all-time low.


But good things happen to those who are patient. 


During the late days of April 2021, fresh legs sprinted onto the pitch and a fresh spring of players exploded into the club. Forwards and backs of all sizes; every week there was a new player. Week in week out there was a bright smile on the Head Coach of the U15s rugby team here at Ealing Trailfinders. The team’s burnt-out flame had now re-ignited and the urge to climb to the top of the league was born again.


League game 1: On the bitter cold morning of the 10 October, it was time to put our refurbished team to the test. The starting line-up were ready, and the substitutes were hungry to sprint onto the pitch when needed. Harrow were the opposition and Ealing were the hosts. At our grounds, our club, our home. A valiant effort was put forward by both sides, but despite the determined efforts of Harrow, their forces were no match for our soldiers in green and white. With a final score capped at 50-0, Ealing were given their first taste of victory and let me tell you, they’re not full yet!


League game 2: The time was 11 o’clock. We were away at their grounds and tension was the main influence towards how we played. They were big but we were bigger, stronger and faster. Loud and obnoxiously, Hemel Hempstead Rugby club brought out the side of rugby no one wanted to be known for playing, yet that was their best game they could play. As soon as that whistle blew, war had begun and Ealing were a pack, an army, but most importantly, we were a family with the way we played. If they hit us, we hit them ten times harder. Sixty minutes and 43 points later, the end whistle blew and Ealing yet again had added another victory to their name.


The U15s head coach, Ben, was ecstatic after this win and had a few words to say that were, “This is the best piece of rugby I’ve seen from you all year. You gave 110% in everything you did, and you moved as a pack, not just a group of players!”


Before you finish reading and carry on with your day, just remember - the Ealing pack has grown massively, and spirits are higher. But as we were sitting at the top of the table, who said we stopped growing?