'A botanical world filled with seasonal cheer' - this is Christmas at Kew. A lively annual festivity from November to January full of magical lights including 'sparkling tunnels of light, dancing waterside reflections, and trees drenched in jewel-like colour on your way to the panoramic Palm House light display'.


The trail starts at 'Let the Magic Begin' by Culture Creative. Although it was only the first element of the experience, walking through this creative starry night was certainly one of my favourites. Illuminated white stars of different sizes hung from the tallest majestic trees on the left to the smaller ones on the right, simple but sophisticated. This was followed by 'Nova' - Studio Vertigo and then 'Singing Trees' - Ithaca. Then came the Temperate House which was a sophisticated spectacle of bright lights and music. The panels became piano keys, spotlights danced inside, every colour swirled in a pool of light around this transformed building, all amplified by the partnering music.


Next we had 'On the Wings of Freedom', 'Phantasma', 'Electric Avenue', 'A Surprise Encounter' and then 'Aurora'. Aurora consisted of a panel of small orbs in streaks floating in the air above. Colours intensified and faded and this band of lights almost felt like a silent disco. Then came 'Christmas Beech', one large striking tree covered entirely in little white strings of lights and my family and I remarked on the intricacy of the design and the complexity of the creation process.


Succeeding this we had 'Mistletoe Wishes', 'Cascade Trees', 'Fire Garden', and following, my absolute favourite 'Neon Night Garden' by Culture Creative. It was a very dark section of the trail with only thin, taught, neon strings stretching between trees illuminating the dark space. Twenty or so strings would be arranged in a gather of lines, intersecting with other sequences, along with other mandala type patterns in the colours of blue, green, orange and pink. Next came 'Spheric' by Mandylights where one singular dome of small orbs was a hub of commotion as the colours changed and people gathered underneath it.


Following, 'Paloma Birds', 'Novak', 'Hanabi' and as some would say the iconic 'Christmas Cathedral' returning with a beautiful display of white and yellow lights brightening the walkway. Then came 'Rainbow Trees', 'Red Herbum' and finally 'Yuletide Magic' - created by Lightworks, lasers by Definitive Special Projects and sound and design by Rachel Cullen and Aquarius Stars by ArtAV. This final show escalates the entire experience as the projections on water, produced by several fountains, accompanied by the festive music, is truly magical.


Adrienne Graham shares her view on the experience: 'Family fun on a crisp winter evening, wrapped up warmly for the brilliant Kew Christmas trail, wonderful light creations, roasting marshmallows, helter skelter and lots of Christmas cheer'.


This was an incredible experience and is definitely worth visiting either this year or in the future.