My family has always been simple. Never too much going on, never too much to complain about. However, around two years ago, during the month of August, my family was blessed with a new addition. As expected, he was small, cute and you could always hear him screaming at the top of his little lungs. Although, one thing I never quite understood (and I still don’t to this day), is why he received more attention than he deserved? Maybe I’ll eventually find out soon.


Anywhere you went, he was there. If you were in the living room, he wasn’t too far away slowly scurrying into the same space. If you were upstairs, chances are he was already there long before you. But the kitchen, that was his truly favourite spot! If you were there, yes you guessed it, he was there. Not in his usual state of silent noise causing havoc and mental strain, but instead in this completely different loving and maybe even affectionate state of mind. Can you guess why? That’s right, food!


Although he was the youngest of the three sons, (my eldest brother, my youngest brother and myself), he sure as hell was not the quietest. When it came to food and especially in terms of eating it, you could hear him from two streets away.


This new addition was not normal. I’m convinced he’s not! My hair’s blonde, my eldest brother’s hair is black, but for some reason, some bizarre reason, the youngest’s was ginger! I knew my parents were capable of doing unexplainable things, such as raising two growing boys who constantly ask for money and clothes, but having three sons with three different types of hair? Now that is unexplainable!


Whenever he goes anywhere, he wears his white shoes and orange coat. To add  on to the unique nature of this being I share a home with, he’s always climbing trees and chasing birds. The behaviour management of this cat was not a known part of his routine. My parents don’t help with his menacing personality either. They give him his own exit out of the house that only he can use. They allow him to leave the house during the middle of the night. All of this at the age of two! 


I did mention that he’s a cat, right?


In fact, the more that I think about it, the more I come to realise something. Him being a cat is the exact reason why he gets all the attention. Of course it is! Cats are the most single-minded creatures on the earth. Dogs will provide you with absolute unconditional love, whereas cats give you just what you need after a hard day at work or school. Unconditional annoyance, but for some reason, we love that. We’re forced to love that because if we don't, well he simply won’t love us.


Now although this may be the case, and although cats see themselves as superiors over you, they are some of the best pets you can come across. If they’re fed, they’re happy. If they constantly pester you for food, you won’t be happy but then again, they’ll be ecstatic and won’t care! 


Enjoy getting a cat. I’m not sure if I do yet!