Amarisa Sibley, a charismatic and passionate 16-year-old athlete from Bromley, never ceases to amaze the public with her skilled running. Her presence on the field is immaculate and she always has a sporting mindset on, whether it be on school grounds or on the track lanes. Amarisa is a diligent young woman with a commendable ambition to represent Britain in the Olympics. 

On the 10th of July, Amarisa participated in an 800m track event held in Regional Athletic Centre in Manchester and was ranked 4th before the race. Despite Amarisa sustaining an injury at the beginning of the season, this did not stop her determination to win the race, as Amarisa put it, she competed against "some really strong competitors". She remembers going into the race feeling "relaxed" and before she knew it, she moved from  "3rd" place in the track line overtacking the runners to first place position. Finally, Amarisa kept her lead position with 200m to go and subsequently won first place and became an English Champion. A well-deserved title! 

Here's what Amarisa had to say on the final minutes before the win:"I worked the bend and with 100m to go I knew that I had the strength to hold my form for 100m. When I crossed the line, I couldn't quite believe I was the English Champion, and gained my first England vest."

Amarisa's sheer determination and support from family and friends drives her victory in every race and I hope she continues to achieve many great things on this wonderous athletic journey.