As the name of the Gallery suggests, 180 the Strand is indeed located in Western Central branching slightly off London’s renowned Strand thoroughfare. The exhibition itself is nestled in amongst large official structures, which accommodate the 180 studios. The entrance to the show is only made apparent by the presence of a steward in a hi-vis vest, adding to the secluded and mysterious nature of the of the gallery.

Following a set of stairs that lead down into what initially seems to be a basement section of the buildings above, visitors are met with a grand atrium. Therein a cosy café is located, alongside the first of the exhibitions many works created in collaboration with the Korean company SUUM; a long tunnel, illuminated by pink LED lights, creating an almost surreal experience, plunging the visitor into the world of digital art.

This luminescent tunnel, created by Es Devlin, leads deeper into the building complex, revealing more of the gallery’s bare and raw concrete interior, that contrasts beautifully with the luscious and colourful digital art on show. The visitor follows a rather unconventional route around the exhibition, guided along the way by accommodating and helpful staff.

A Piece of note that can be accredited to the immensely immersive experience is the crashing waves exhibit. Entering the room, the viewer’s entire perspective is enveloped in the atmosphere of the waves, creating a truly immersive experience.

Capping off a wonderful experience, this exhibit, as well as the whole exhibition, truly reflects the progression and beauty of digital art in the 21st Century.