Romulus, the new owners of Centre Court, have begun the transformations needed to 'place the Shopping Centre back at the heart of Wimbledon'. Romulus say that they are: 'committed to transforming the Centre in an environmentally aware and sustainable way, creating a lively, open space to meet friends or colleagues, shop, relax, eat & drink or work-out'.


The process of making changes to Centre Court has already begun and will focus on five key areas. The first being 'new dynamic uses', with the purpose to cater to the demands of local residents and will include flexible workspaces. Next their proposed improvements to Queens Road, which is to add bright and green places to create a welcoming atmosphere around pedestrians, 'opening up Queen's Road'. Next we have the 'new art installation' which has in fact already been implemented by Romulus, named the 'umbrella sky - a stunning aerial art installation that will brighten and enhance the entrance to Centre Court'. Their next focus will be the existing atrium ceiling which will be replaced by a 'retractable roof' to open up on sunny days and brighten the atmosphere of Centre Court. The final area of focus will be the 'new courtyard' which is proposed to be a meeting place and hub for Wimbledon Town Centre.


A local resident, Amy Farr, comments on the new art installation - 'The bright umbrellas bring a joyful pop of colour to centre court, brightening up the area that was previously only shades of grey'.


Not only this, but at the centre of this project is their desire to support local business growth in Wimbledon. They want people to have the opportunity to start their creative, food, retail or tech businesses in the start-up space they are willing to provide at Centre Court. They have stated that as the businesses grow: 'we will enable you to expand into larger, flexible office space, kitchens, retail units or workspaces'.


Romulus have said they will be listening closely to residents and businesses during the process on what they would like to see in the new re-established Centre Court and there are opportunities to find out more about the project by attending the drop in events and webinars with the project team.