Squash is a sport that entails great concentration and requires amazing hand-eye coordination. Are you up for it?

Our school organised a Squash taster session. Professionals from the Harrow Squash Club came in and gave us pro tips on the fundamental rules needed in squash, as well as the enjoyment and elation the game provides. In just 30 minutes, we were all soaked in sweat!!

The coaches first went through a warm-up that included bouncing the ball with our rackets. This might seem easy but this ball did not bounce at all, therefore you had to hit it with as much force as possible.

Once the warm-up was over the instructors lead us to walls with the layout of a squash game plastered onto them. We spent no time getting into pairs, eager to start the game. 

Essential factors that are needed to play Squash are; hitting the ball in an upwards motion to secure a good bounce off the wall, to wait until the ball has bounced once before hitting back, to strengthen both your forearm and backhand hits with a racket.

This session has taught us that Squash is not as easy as it looks. We learnt that the hard way. The Squash Taster Session with Harrow Squash Club was an incredible experience and many of us are looking forward to play again.