The Sophie Tea art gallery is a art gallery located in Carnaby street, London. It  showcases the unique, creative and inspiring pieces of art created by a viral artist called Sophie Tea. Sophie has made her name by selling thousands of paintings online via Instagram. She reportedly turned over 1m in the last year and this is her second store in London with her first also previously being in Carnaby street but in a different location. She is well known for animals and vibrant abstract works, and has recently created nude paintings to celebrate and empower body diversity. Her work also extends to abstract hearts with hidden messages. She creates various 3D pieces of art perfect to take pictures in front of with family and friends such as a disco ball on a dance floor, or a Pac-man machine which you can play on or her iconic nudie booths made from mirrors and colourful LED’s creating a amazing atmosphere. There is also a mirror on which you can add any positive message you would like to pass onto someone else. The artwork showcased is actually for sale so if people end up liking what they see they can actually purchase it to showcase in their own home. The entrance to the gallery is free and you can spend as much time there as you like so there is no rush and it’s easy to take beautiful pictures which you can treasure forever. A teenager from London called Salma Ahmad who visited the gallery at both its locations said “The different worlds of creativity you could enter was truly unbelievable.” I believe this is a wonderful place to visit with friends and family to make memories and take pictures which you can cherish forever.