As winter strides in, and autumn takes leave, the anticipation and vibes of Christmas is only heightening. It is a festival that, whether celebrated or not, certainly transforms the atmosphere of each area. There is no greater example of this than the jubilance of Christmas markets! No matter the location, these seem to pop up in every corner. Each one carries its own rarity, yet offering one constant: delight. In Wimbledon specifically, the markets -located right in Wimbledon’s piazza - evoke a splendidly charming, cheerful, comforting ambience. Each stall is representative of the seller’s own passion and skill. Thus now that this long-awaited time has arrived, here’s the ‘A-Z’ on the Wimbledon Christmas market of 2021. 


Stalls set up on the periphery, with a ‘gazebo’ in the middle that was also the source of classic Christmas tunes; lights dangled here and there; and the hustle and bustle of shopkeepers and shoppers alike. All complimented by the sweet, palpable smell of hundreds and hundreds of snacks. Devouring brownies, cookies, candy, pastries, all are simple ways to ameliorate an already good or bad day. Alongside these delectable bites, there were a myriad of items to shop relentlessly for. Materialistic appeal could spread to everyone, regardless if you take a liking to crystals or quilts. Matching the grateful, gift-giving spirit of Christmas, even the prices bought joy. The market truly had something for everyone!   

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Many munched and gobbled the edible festivities, and some roamed in awe, whilst others sought and bought objects with delight in their eyes. The numerous smiles, feasts, dances, and all positively brought light to the lives of many. Both stall-owners and the crowd alike. One shopper named Emma, I asked about their thoughts towards the Christmas market, responded ‘My mood was definitely uplifted as I came with my family and we all enjoyed eating yummy snacks and buying tons of stuff’. Similarly, plenty of stall owners seemed pleased as their products were bought and were happily engaged in conversations with shoppers. It was wonderful to notice that even with all the challenges many face in their life, the market was able to create comfort and content.  


Christmas markets can arguably become synonymous with words such as glee or enjoyment. Especially in light of the calamity and tragedy the pandemic has brought, it’s simple occasions like this that remind all of the joys of life. Even witnessing the delight take over both young children and older adults is revitalizing. Albeit the strong winds and chill aren’t desirable, it’s nothing mufflers and gloves couldn’t solve. Moreover, the weather nonetheless diminished the excitement of the crowd. In all, if you need a place to visit to get into the Christmas spirit or simply have fun yourself or with others, consider a visit to Wimbledon’s Christmas markets. Taking time out for such an experience is a perfect decision.