As each autumn culminates, we all begin the arduous wait for the festive season to wrap around the corner, and we all greatly relish the fuzziness of the Chrimble season. However, before we get to delve into this, the remnants of October and all of November traditionally trammel our Christmas ecstasy. Well, that’s how it would normally be.

Polesden Lacey broke tradition this year with a deluge of festive vivacities and bright lights in their new event Ignite.

Continuing the Edwardian hostess Margaret Greville’s tradition of hospitality and revelry, the national trust transformed the stunning Edwardian gardens into a nocturnal discovery trail, envisioned for visitors of all ages and capabilities to enjoy.

Upon arriving at the estate, guests were given handheld lanterns for the first portion of the trail and could independently embark on their magical adventures as they explored various Edwardian tree-lined avenues.

As the evening ensued the paths became adorned with magical scenes of fairies dancing on mushrooms, and many other enchanting dioramas.

Ignite perfectly stimulated all five senses: with the enchanting echoes of Clair de lune by Debussy perfectly accentuating the fiery visualisations of the flora and fantasy; the subtle tastes and fragrances leaping from the food carts evoked long lost feelings of childhood bliss; and the soft heat of gloved hands cushioned the penetrating glare of the cold, star-lit, night sky.

Overall, ignite was an unforgettable experience that deeply affected all those whom were lucky enough to attend, rejuvenating their hearts and spirits from the chilling covid-filled past few years.