A new restaurant has emerged in Wimbledon, going by the name of Sushi Essence. As a huge fan of Japanese food, me and my family were eager to try. We ordered a large selection on Deliveroo and waited impatiently like obedient dogs at the door. Sure enough it came in the 30 minute allotted time (a good start) and we unpacked the various bags to reveal the variety awaiting us. The dishes came neatly packed and separated, all in perfect condition, the presentation already impressing those of my family patient enough to appreciate it before digging in. I chose my favourite dish: temaki (also known as a ‘handroll’). This dish consists of a ‘cone’ of seaweed filled with rice and an array of other meat, fish or vegetable items. On this occasion I chose the salmon and avocado and I can confidently say I chose correctly. Of all the temaki I have tried in my time, this was the superior by leaps and bounds. The perfectly cut vegetables and impeccable salmon amalgamated to a perfect temaki. For the rest of the order, I can say with sincerity there was little left for me to try. I managed to snag some sliced spring rolls and, although I would critique that it is probably more practical to leave the slicing and retain their original form in order to avoid them falling apart, they were also exceptional in taste. I would highly recommend Sushi Essence to anyone in the local area- great food at a great price!