In late September a good friend and I took the brazen steps out into the semi-covid concert scene to see the final show in Flyte’s second album tour: This Is Really Going To Hurt. As I listen to the record now I am once again consumed by the intoxicating melodies which seeped through the band’s instruments and voices right up to the very back row on the top floor (where I was sat) as vibrant and eclectic as ever. It was a cold and slightly grim day, as far as cold and slightly grim days go in England in Autumn, and the darkness had fallen fast. It fell at the speed which nobody quite remembers once summer has gone, and seems to quicken every year as the sky is suddenly plunged into a pool of ink black and you need to struggle in vain to light your way with a small phone light. Nevertheless, we took our seats and two warm up acts ensued (these could have been shortened to make way for the main act- luckily the reliable traffic disruptions caused us to miss a large chunk) but the main act on at 20:30 did not disappoint. Will Taylor led with his genuine, gentle voice; they skipped from the gentle melodies of Archie, Marry Me to the rough guitar of There’s a Woman with ease. The ensemble of lights brought a magnificent stage presence to the talented band, illuminating their faces without distracting from their music. Bright blues to flashing reds, it was an impressive set and the audience matched them perfectly; singing along in (and out of) tune and time. Flyte finished their tour perfectly; from the carelessly strummed guitar to the heartfelt singing, they upheld all my expectations and exceeded them, on to the next album!