The moment everyone has been waiting for: Christmas lights have finally hit the streets of London!

After last Christmas being limited by the rapid growth of COVID, people have been even more determined to show their Christmas spirit and make up for the unfortunate lack of festive cheer that may of been caused due to government restrictions. 

Through our local neighbourhoods we can already see people putting up Christmas decorations and the bustling streets of London are no different. On a brief visit I took to Bond Street I barely had enough time to digest the abundance of Christmas decorations that had already been strung up. 

There was no street, alleyway or road left without a trace of Christmas spirit with stars hung overhead and twinkling archways lighting up the paths. 

Everyone was instantly captivated by the beautiful decorations, lifting phones up to snap pictures as they marvelled at them. 

At night particularly you have no choice but to admire the lights as they bloom along the streets. London had never felt safer. 

It makes sense that something as simple as Christmas decorations has become less special to us after years of seeing them but I believe that the restraint of COVID has only highlighted to us how important the more simple parts of Christmas (and even life itself) are. It’s important we don’t take the beautiful things right in front of us for granted this year and if that means purchasing a train ticket to Waterloo Station then I believe it’s completely worth it. 

Even after telling one of my friends about what I’d seen on my brief trip to London they added themselves: “I can’t wait to go to London and see the lights, it makes everything seem more magical and I would be silly to miss it!” 

I can only urge people to take a trip up to London this December. The decorations themselves are worth it and are completely free to everyone no matter who you are. You don’t need to visit some expensive restaurant or spend hours lugging bags of Christmas shopping to have a good visit to London this Christmas. Don’t forget to admire what’s right in front of you