A family in London is on the verge of losing £16,000, after their newly re-constructed drive is poorly built.

The family, who choose to remain anonymous, chose a reputable construction provider online, to refurbish their crumbling drive.

Due to the prospect of climate change, and increased flash-flooding, their sloping drive was not able to sufficiently drain water. During torrential summer rain last year, the family's garage was flooded, ruining brand-new shutters which were at the time awaiting installation.

Construction commenced without incident in October. The home was abuzz with builders and diggers, the old drive was removed and the new one installed. To ensure flooding didn't occur, a special paving block which had small gaps to allow water through was selected. But, this brick needs special care during installation: Three differently sized paving blocks had to be interlinked like a puzzle, no cement rquired.

However, only a few days into construction after the paving blocks had been installed, a family member noticed the paving blocks had not been installed according to guidlines specificed. 80% of the £16,000 installation fee had already been payed.

This will cause the family trouble as the dispute may be resolved with difficulty.

A reponse from a family member follows "This only highlights the importance of getting references from previous clients, and doing extensive research prior to installation. Choosing a builder can be a lengthy process, but saves you from trouble further along the line."