Enrichment Programme:

This week is very eventful in LPGS! Exams for year 12 sixth formers, mask wearing reintroduced, and choosing our enrichment for the next term. 

What is enrichment?

Well ... I'm in the same class as my sister and she's two years younger than me!

Does that explanation help?

Every 2 weeks we have a lesson in which we choose a topic to study outside our normal subjects (ie. A-level or GCSE). We are given a list of a wide range of courses, including: Natural History, Film Discussion,(recently added Reading in the Library,) Ancient History, politics, cookery, money, and many more. We pick 5 and rank them in order of preference.

Both my sister and I picked politics enrichment as our 1st choice, and we got it! So now we are in the same class once every 2 weeks. We were taught about the social contract, how the government spends its budget, diversity and racial inequality and race theory, the political spectrum (Authoritarian vs Libertarian, Left (inc. Marxist theory) vs Right politics), how the political system is changed (eg. revolution and is a violent one ever justified), human rights and the death penalty, power vs authority, how society has progressed from prehistoric times, as well as a lesson and documentary on climate change where we discussed if humans are fundamentally selfish. We learnt quite a lot - right? And we still have one more lesson left!

What is your opinion? Would you wish to have a similar arrangement in your school?