Throughout the year and especially during the month of November, fireworks are set off not only across the country but throughout the globe. November 2021 hosted both Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night, both of these occasions lead to a substantial increase in the amount of fireworks released internationally. While fireworks are a beautiful spectacle and a time for people to come together and celebrate, they also have long lasting and almost detrimental effects on the enviroment and climate change. Fireworks usually last an extremely short amount of time yet they are still able to create a large amount of air and noise pollution. 


The colours that fireworks release into the sky are undeniably beautiful, but what effects do they have? The colours are created through different chemical compounds. A scientist told Forbes, an American business magazine, that when the fireworks go off, both the metal salts and the explosives carry out a reaction that releases gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. All three of these are greenhouse gases which means they are large contributors to global warming. Moreover, the metal salts do not dissipate and vanish when the explosion happens. Instead, they stay as metal atoms which often end up as aerosols which are extremely dangerous if inhaled or ingested. 


Fireworks also cause a large amount of noise and light pollution. Environmental Protection UK found that on and around the 5th November, there is often a substantial rise in the amount of pollution from both particulates and dioxins. They have discovered that approximately 5 -14% of UK dioxin emissions are produced around Bonfire Night. 


To conclude, while fireworks do have a negative effect on the environment for a multitude of reasons, they only are predominantly released a couple times a year such as New Years, Guy Fawkes, Diwali and The 4th Of July. This means that while we should try minimise our use of fireworks, they aren’t used often and we should enjoy the nights of celebration even if that does involve using fireworks, bonfires etc!