As COVID-19 restrictions ease, it is vital to honour those who have dedicated their time to helping others. One such person is Dimple, a law-graduate turned business owner who used her commitment and cookery expertise to truly make a difference.

When asked when her passion for the culinary arts began, she responds, "It has grown with me, for as long as I can remember." Furthermore, Dimple introduced her mother's role "Growing up those around me cooked out of necessity, as a responsibility to their family; whereas I see it as a form art, a way of expression."

Dimple, who studied law and personal management, waited for the perfect time to start a cooking business. It came just before the pandemic changed our lives forever, she slowly built her small yet mighty venture, and aptly named her creation "Dimple the Mistress of Spices." It aimed to provide authentic home-cooked Indian flavours for the families who crave it most.

The name originates from a book, developed into a popular film of the same name. On further questioning about its inspiration, Dimple reminisces "When reading the book, I felt the author had developed a character based completely on me, stolen without permission...I connected with Tilo (the main character), and understood her every ambition."

So, just as Dimple forged her business, the pandemic arrived at our doorsteps and presented us with a dauting predicament. "I saw families around me suffering, and I witnessed how reliant they were on their mothers; I was too in a similar situation, I knew how it could impact the wellbeing of the household when the mother is ill. To ease this, I delivered free food, to ensure these families' welfare is maintained."

Dimple delivered on her observation and delivered free home-cooked meals to not only families, but the elderly whose family didn't live nearby.

Dimple's venture has inspired many other women, who follow in her footsteps and have too begun cooking for community. "To be able to inspire others makes me realise I have chosen the right path," she responds. 

But this certainly isn't all "Dimple the Mistress of Spices" will do "The pandemic has forced me to postpone some plans, but I certainly have ideas, including a YouTube channel, if I have the time that is!"

I hope Dimple's story is a reminder we all have the skill set to help others; it is just a question of whether we are willing to hone these skills.

On a final note, Dimple encourages everyone to cook, "regardless of gender, age or walk of life, if you like to eat you must learn at least the basics of cooking, it opens so many opportunities."