As the Christmas chimes ring and presents are upon us, there’s a fair few of us who would like to see all retail outlets shut on their beloved boxing day.

‘Tis the season to deck the halls, eat heaps of camembert and play ‘Now That's What I Call Christmas!’ on repeat.

And sometimes ‘Tis the season to late night shop, gift-grab and overflow supermarkets with products and customers.

But should ALL retail be CLOSED on boxing day?

We asked south-east Londoners what their thoughts were, and we found a mix of reactions.

Some say retail workers need the break, others stating shops should be open; with a choice to work.

A small selection said as it is a bank holiday, shops should be open.

Here’s some of the responses:

Maxine Sanderson: “If people want to work and get the extra pay- that’s fair enough, but it should be a choice.

“It’s lovely having Boxing Day and Christmas day, but it’s spoilt if you have work the following day”.

Amanda Denny said: “I would like to see shops closed so people can think of something else to do.

“I guarantee most don’t think about the workers having to man the shops”.

Nikki Harnett said: “Yes, most definitely and also New Years Day.”

Clare Hollylee said: “I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending the run up to Christmas shopping, having a day off, then back out shopping again!”

Laura Ashkettle said: “Yes the ‘bargains’ will still be there on the 27th!”

Lesley Mendez said: “Yes, they used to all of the time on Boxing Day, so why not now?”

Tony Pooke said: “No, I’m working and I need a café to be open.”

Joanne Shepherd said: “Yes, and on Sundays!”

Susan Hussey said: “Yes, yes, yes!”.

Jacqueline Haddock said: “Yes.

“Everyone deserves time off with family.

“The bargains will still be there the next day!”

Julie Jules Hudson said: “Why not just have the new year sale like it used to be!”

Adam Goldie said: “Close on boxing day.

“I was working a bank holiday and a client’s customer said to me, ‘why are you working?

“‘we’ve been in lock down, it’s a beautiful day and it’s the first bank holiday we’ve had’, I just smiled at her and said, ‘If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to spend this lovely day here shopping'.”

Ben Toovey said: “Yes, especially supermarket staff after the pandemic- they deserve a rest with their families.”

Amie McArdle said: “Yes.

“January sales should start in January, hence the name.

“All the stores have worked through the horrible periods we have had over the past 18 months.

“They also deserve to have the time off to rest and have quality family time- let them all enjoy.

“If the shops have to be open, surely we could survive on reduced hours, such as open at 10am and close at 2pm.”

Angela Conibeer said: “Yes maybe if people stopped going to the shops on Boxing Day, they would all close.”

Tracy Debattista said: “Yes, if anything the last 19 months has taught us, it’s that family is most important.”

Andrew Beardwell said: “Yes!

“Everyone buys too much anyway but I’m guessing some shops will stay open as they know lots will be closed so they can make extra money.


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