There is a decreasing number of people who are still wearing masks on public transport and in public spaces. From my experience, when I was on the bus me and my friend and one other woman were the only people wearing masks. This is not including the bus driver. On the bus there were two elderly people and a child in a pushchair. People within these age categories are more at risk than the average person. Personally, in my family and close friend group we all wear masks even when not required. Even though we are all vaccinated (except for my younger brothers) we continue to do so not only to protect ourselves but also to protect others. According to the government website, 230,800 hospitalisations are prevented by the covid-vaccination in those over 45. In addition, NHS staff still advise everyone to wear masks when/if possible. 

In my school, The holy cross school, it is mandatory to wear a mask when in the corridors and moving around classrooms. It is optional for students and teachers to keep them on during the course of the lesson whilst stationary. During break and lunch students are outside so even when moving around it is not required for them to wear a mask. My school has put in place a requirement to wear masks with a see-through front, that have been provided by the school, when in lessons or talking to a pupil/teacher who is hard of hearing. This allows them to lip read and understand what a teacher or classmate is saying with more ease. By instating this policy it enables these individuals to feel more included and involved in the lesson. 

When discussing this topic with my close friend, Rebecca Louise, she enlightened me with her opinion on wearing masks in public. She stated ‘I think that if possible everyone should wear masks in public because you are being more considerate of the people around you and providing more protection for yourself. I think it provides a safer environment for those at risk. Obviously, now that it is optional, you do not have to wear a mask, this is just my opinion.’