The Race to Alaska is a yearly event where mariners of all skill level compete in a race from Washington to Alaska through some of the most treacherous waters in the world, from 15 knot winds to 30 foot whirlpools they battle through all this for what. 10,000 dollars and a knife set. Oh and they can't use a motor.

This film showcases the race to Alaska in all its glory, filmed across several years by competitors of the race itself you get a look in on what its like to battle the elements in some of the least protected and unforgiving places in the world. This short film shows the highs and lows of the race from several different teams in the race, from the speedy sailors of 'Mad Dog Racing' to the lone paddleboarder, the mix of racers shows not only peoples outlook on the race but peoples outlook on life. This film gives an insight into peoples feelings at their highest and lowest, you see their raw emotion and find a deeper respect and appreciation of nature and its primal force.

The film is a love letter to both our sea and guerilla filmmaking demonstrating. It masters the art of observing both natures beauty and power, a dichotomy in which we stand amazed, taken aback at both its prestige and violence. The Race to Alaska is the best short film of the year and is worth a watch by anyone who has a wanderlust, enjoys the thrill of the chase or wants to see natures true beauty caught on film.