Climate change is a huge alter in the weather conditions and has been an ongoing issue since 1988. Climate change is the reason for the rising of temperatures in the ocean which could harm animals and climate change is also the reason that icebergs are melting. However, there are many things we can do about climate change.

One thing we can do about climate change is to raise awareness. We can raise awareness by talking to others about the issue and also by making a presentation for your friends or family. Raising awareness is extremely important because the more people know about the issue, the more they will do to make a difference.

Another thing we can do about climate change, is trying to reduce the amount of energy in our houses. Some ways of doing this are looking for an energy star sticker when buying new electronics and also unplugging your gadgets when you are not using them.

One last thing we can do about climate change is we could also try to take public transport or ride a bike if it is possible. This is because transport is actually one of the biggest contributors of climate-polluting emissions. 

I hope this article has inspired you to help try to battle climate change and that you have learnt something new.

Photo courtesy of Simon Berger from Pexels