The benefits of being involved in a remote UKSSN COP26 team.


Tackling climate change is incredibly important. This is our only planet and we need to take action soon, in order for new generations to survive the potentially catastrophic effects climate change is having on our earth.


Sustainability is vital, wildlife needs to be protected as humans are not the only inhabitants of this planet, the environment should not pay the price just because humans are acting irresponsibly. If we are able to teach younger generations how to live sustainably and work together with the environment, the world will become a greener place where wildlife and people can flourish in harmony. Young adults will be essential in helping to plan how to live sustainably in the future, the future belongs to the young and if more people are aware, hopefully we can tackle climate change.


This is why the remote COP26 team provided various opportunities for the multiple students and teachers involved within the scheme. Everyone was able to interact and discuss ideas which they had put forth or introduced within their schools or local areas, as well as taking in practical information from fellow students and teachers, enabling many students perspectives of the environmental impacts upon our planet to become more clear. 


I was part of the ‘Valuing Green Space Team’ and ‘Bringing COP into Schools Team’, which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very useful, both teams were able to broaden my view on why the environment is so important in day to day life. Completing assignments such as a valuing green space video and a powerpoint which included various photographs depicting the beauty of my local area, allowed me to appreciate the natural environment even more than I had previously. Both the video and powerpoint were incorporated in a main video which was presented in a stall at COP26 in the green zone. 


In regards to Bringing COP into Schools, some fellow students and myself delivered a presentation about COP26 to our year group, mentioning key points and aims in which COP26 focused upon/is eager to establish, on why the event was so significant and how students could follow COP26 in the news and via social media platforms. As well as tuning into a live session of AimHi, which really emphasised and illustrated how significant looking after and caring for our planet is. 


Four students from my school also attended a Mock COP26 event in London. So I interviewed two of the students and wrote an article about The Benefits of Attending a Mock COP in Your Local Area, which was published on the Transform Our World website. 


Both students commented: 

“Very useful, so important that everyone gets the opportunity to experience a mock of a significant event which is currently occurring.” (Hannah Stainbank)

“Quite useful, regarding how policies are made and how countries interact with each other. Our teams represented Russia and Saudi Arabia.” (Emilia Dowling)


Overall, there are a wide range of opportunities and benefits of being involved within COP26 schemes/events, allowing perspectives to be broadened about the environment. Education is pivotal in creating changes to our behaviour.