Christmas, the holy festival devoted to exchanging gifts, sharing meals with family, decorating Christmas trees, and of course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, is just around the corner, and it seems as if people cannot wait for the festival to arrive.

Trees, food, and presents are being bought and decorations are being put up in homes and around towns in preparation for the festival. Shops are being stocked up with Christmas essentials and Christmas trees are selling rapidly in number, however many are preparing for a repetition of last year’s Christmas where festivities were cancelled, and families had to celebrate by themselves, indoors, and away from other friends and family.

Moreover, as the threat of a new pandemic closes in on the UK, and the probability of having another lockdown this Christmas grows, people start to panic, and supplies run short in number. This is not good for the economy of the UK, and it may have effects on the future of our country. Once supplies run out, the UK would struggle and would have to rapidly find places to get resources from. Even after supplies have been restocked it may take a while for the UK to recover from the damage done.  


In addition, even though many people enjoy Christmas, some find it quite the opposite and explain how it has been commercialised way too much from what it first started out as. Shameera Nepal explains how for her, ‘what was once a time for families to get together and cherish each other, has become a money-making gimmick for industries and people are more interested in gifts than being with their families’.

Christmas can be unfair for people of different statuses and nowadays, children don’t notice the company of their families, but instead the presents they receive. It can be upsetting for families who are less wealthy than others, especially if children who are less fortunate hear about the latest technology that other spoilt children were gifted. However, many people are still shopping as if this were any other normal Winter, and many are still excited for the festivities.


As December closes in, spirits are high, and people are anticipating the arrival of Christmas. It is a time to enjoy yourself, and no matter where you are in the world everyone loves celebrating it and meeting up with family to talk about the year that has gone past and what they plan to do next year. There are many fun activities and events to do during this festival and many ways to make the month of December one of the best months in the year.

However, although everyone would like to enjoy a great, long-deserved Christmas, we cannot deny the fact that a repeat of 2020’s December Lockdown could take place causing plans to be cancelled and families being separated once again, but we can only hope that everything goes smoothly and that the festival arrives swiftly and without any problems.