Rugby is a ruthless sport that requires brute-force strength as well as a calculated strategy to beat the opponent. Bentley wood had organised a school trip where our own extra curricular rugby club went to Brentford Community Stadium and experienced a live rugby game.


Upon entering the arena, the roar of emotions was enough to get anyone's heart pounding. 

"It felt unreal and I was excited to watch the game and feel the rush of emotions instead of watching it behind a screen" commented Muniba, a student who attened the Rugby game. 

As we found our seats and the game begun, the atmosphere changed. Everyone was set into a dangerous focus as they saw who would score the first goal. Kickoff started at 7:45pm and within the first half London Irish were winning with 21-0. 

"I was rooting for the Saracens. I hoped they would make a good comeback in the second half" stated Noureen, a student who attended the Rugby game.

 As the match continued and injuries arose, both the suspense and tension accumulated. We witnessed many injuries and thought we saw a disloacted shoulder. The people infront of us were cheering everytime the London Irish scored and the people next to them, cheering for the Saracens. Seeing this rivarly in person only makes your passion for your team stronger.

"I was more nervous than excited ourely for the players as it was such an aggressive game" claimed Nourneen.

During the second half, the Saracens played well scoring 20 points. However, it seems the first half cost them and despire their brilliant play they lost to London Irish, 29-20. 

Leaving the arena was also a memorable experience. There was a fight between 2 people supporting opposite teams. This involved the words, the punches and the kicks. This fight only shows how passionte people can get over a team they support.

We all enjoyed our experience and are hoping to go again some time soon especially to make these late days in November just a bit more bearable.