It is that time of the year already. With potential snowy days to arrive quite sooner than we imagine, Christmas this year will truly live up to its name of a ‘White Christmas’.

Areas such as Hammersmith, Chiswick, and Hounslow have already begun preparing for Christmas by setting up bright lights, Christmas trees, and lots of decorations all around the place. Whilst Covid restrictions are still in place, people are now allowed to visit a variety of places this holiday season especially with shopping centers like Westfield London having a huge discount on items ranging from clothes to everyday household items. After a year-long of being in lockdown and indoors for more than a year, being available to visit your friends, close relatives, and others during Christmas time must truly feel refreshing as we are slowly transitioning into our regular lives before the pandemic.


Local parishes are also seen to partake in organising events for their districts to help bring the community together this Christmas season. Donations are open to anyone who wants to help the not-so-privileged people who are on the streets with minimal clothing, no shelter, or food especially with the weather being less than 10℃.


Christmas is a time of love and cheer, especially making new memories with friends, family, and others. It is also a time where lots of people go around their neighborhood singing Christmas carols, playing the Christmas classics, and countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar. This Christmas season will truly be one to remember.