Friday evening, Notre Dame school performed a play that captured the audience, as they went on a journey, of a girl called charity, trying to find love in a cruel world. *Spoiler alert

It started with music, the orchestra set the tone of the play with load vibrant trumpets, introducing charity (played by Sarah Kallos) singing, being so sweet and innocent, gaining the audiences sympathy immediately and engaging us in the story of her life, feeling all the ups and downs with her. From being pushed into a river, to when Oscar says ‘sweet charity’ for the first time, to when at the end he left her.

The music throughout the play was extraordinary, the dancing singing and the coordination. Though I have to say, one of the most impressive dances would be by the incredible performance by the Brass Band Tap Dancers (Amy Morrison, Matilda Grey and Maddy Dennis) who danced to a beautiful rhythm, who blew everyone’s minds away. Another dance that got everyone in a light happy mood has to be the song ‘I love to cry at weddings’ when everyone was saying goodbye so charity, the best part of that was when Herman (played by Aoife Skuse) started singing, it lifted our hearts as they said goodbye and charity got ready for a knew chapter of her life.

The cast said that it was a lot of effort but enjoyable. They said that it was hard, learning all the lines, all the songs and putting in so many hours but in the end it was worth it and they are pleased with how it turned out. Apparently coming to school on Sunday isn’t so bad after all.

This play was entertaining and enjoyable, I would highly recommend it as it was sweet, funny, and interesting. It made me smile and cry and was worth going to see.

* Credits

Production: Director/Choreographer- Christina Graham, Associate Director/ Associate Choreographer – Olivia Hehir, Musical Director- Alestair Hodgson, Stage Manager- Sue Gilhespie, Costume Design/wardrobe- Sherna Treerne, Make up and Dressing- Lucy Kenyon, Lighting Design and Projections- Sue Gilhespie, Set Design, painting & prop making- Sue Gilhespie, David Wheatley & Christina Graham, Photography- Louise Plummer.

Cast: Charity Hope Valentine- Sarah Kallos, Oscar Lindquist- Scarlet Trotman, Nickie- Sade Hunt, Helene- Mercedes van Niekerk, Carmen/Ursula- Lara Westwood, Vida- Lily-rose Golzari, Elaine-Ciara Devine, Sal- Lauren Giles, Herman- Aoife Skuse, Rosie- Evelyn Ketchin, Frenchy- Eva Kennedy, Lulu- Kitty Whiting, Carole- Sophia Miholich

A special thanks and shout out to Christina Graham and Olivia Heir for making this play happen and all the stage crew.