Since 2018, the Ethics Cup has been administrated by the University of St Andrews, aiding insightfulness, attentiveness, and the ability to adopt a collegial approach when debating. Bentley Wood High School will be one of many schools attempting the challenge this year.


Philosophy is at the epicentre of all disciplines widely learnt and debated, seeking answers to fundamental questions. The Ethics Cup promotes academic engagement with philosophy, allowing candidates to participate in rigorous academic talks, formally discussing topics, whilst attempting to reach an agreed conclusion. This is Bentley Wood High School’s second attempt; last year, the girls worked collaboratively in order to deliver succinct arguments, affirming the Bentley Wood view in a civil manner, whilst eschewing conflict. However, the team did not overcome the initial stage.


This year, the debate is encompassing morality, and whether the team’s perspective on 11 cases can be justified. These cases are issued before the competition, providing time to prepare responses, deriving to ‘The Bentley Wood View’. For the first round, the team will be competing in February against other schools in, or near, London boroughs. This will take place at King’s College London, however, if successful, participants will attend The University of St Andrews for the finals. 


Previously, the teams attended online, given coronavirus restrictions. Now, alterations in conditions are enabling a physical experience to occur, considered to be “A good experience” and opportunity by Alice Jones- the team organiser.


Jones further stated that, previously the biggest challenges was “The time from beginning the competition and going to the event”, exemplifying the importance of sufficient time allocation for preparation. Jones further implies that precautions will be taken to ensure that “everyone feels really confident in debating against other teams”, preventing discomfort-induced adversity. 


Ultimately, the team is striving to meet objectives of clear articulation, and acquiring confidence to support adversarial positions through their presentations. Hopefully, the Bentley Wood view will prevail.