Historic Mural for Barking completed!

Stunning Barking history mural The stunning , beautiful mural marking Barking’s heritage had been achieved on the 22nd of October. Artist Jake Attewell had done a amazing job designing the mural. Jake had won the hearts of the people in Barking. The talented Artist Jake Attewell proclaims 5 main elements in his contemporary take on Barking’s heritage : • An early 20th century East street complete with a tram • Bascule Bridge • The Curfew Tower • Wellington Windmill • And River Roding The mural is located on the side of McDonalds on the corner of East street. The artwork is the new addition to the National lottery heritage funds program.

As some of my relatives came also to foresee this beautiful sight as they had recited in barking their whole life.

“ It Is Indeed Like The Artist Poured The Olds Souls Of Barking Residents On The Wall” My Grandfather Said With Such Passion And Love. “Like A Walk Down Memory Lane” Protested My Grandmother With Joy And I think we ought to take a moment to give a huge heartful thank you to artist Jake Attewell for making it absolutely touching and inspiring and many would agree ,for this significant mural and truly embracing Barking’s vibrant, picturesque historic culture