The town of tennis and tournaments. This is what Wimbledon is best known for; the spirit of summery competition. What about the people,  the residents of the Southwestern suburb? The hundreds of acres of houses and greenery behold a certain, almost magical, feeling of belonging and friendliness. Showcased by the Wimble Winter Ball was this exact sense of community, rather a harmonious mixture of the loyalty and gratitude shown to one another in the heart of this warming region.

 My Wimble is the brainchild of two talented individuals, Hannah Mitchell and Shay Khosravi, who together have created their Wimbledon-based business, hence the brilliant yet simplistic name. Initially selling sustainably sourced dried flowers and the instagram-famous pampas grass, the duo have since ventured into creating their ultimate Christmas Hamper! However, this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the flourishing community who, along with My Wimble, contributed their hard work and passion towards their newest series of festive gifts.

Upon entering the room of sophistication in which the Ball was held, my eyes were greeted by the centre of attention,  the variety of Christmas Hampers. In the far corner of the room, warm, dim rays of light reflected off the surface of slinky champagne flutes. A Christmas tree was home to an abundance of baubles and strands of the loved fluffy plant, barely shining in comparison to the kitted-out guests, waiting eagerly in anticipation to celebrate the toil worthy of an applause.

The venue itself, Cannizaro House of Hotel Du Vin, had no intricacies short of the elaborateness it held. 19th century brick and mortar formed the foundations of which the rest of Wimbledon encapsulates and embraces. Lofty lounges and duck-egg blue glamour highlighted the delicate interior. A truly suitable location for a truly fantastic evening.

Vallebona, Local Cheese Cave, XO Chocolates, Friarwood Fine Wines, Wimbledon Brewery and Forty Acre Forest are just some of the independent brands who together with My Wimble contributed both premium ideas and premium products. “There is a renewed buzz in the room as you begin to unwrap its' contents. You feel how the children felt at 7am this morning, except these toys spark joy in the grown-ups.”. As explained by the website, the Hampers are lovingly designed to instil even more festive fun on Christmas, and will be an experience to cherish for a long time.

Hampers come in sizes ranging from medium to ‘super-deluxe’, with prices starting at £125. All four consist of a wide selection of top-quality products. Champagne, gins, cheeses, chocolates, candles, coffee and decorations; what more is there to enjoy? Even better still, these artisan components are paired with a specific complementary product, so you  won’t have to worry about choosing and buying a chutney to go with the cheese and wine, but rather worry about which one to try first. The Hampers have something for everyone and anyone. Each item, some even holding the title of being ‘award-winning’(!), is bursting with flavour, enthusiasm and adornment. This genuinely is the best Christmas gift you can give, or hopefully get given. You are ensured of a vibrant and cozy Christmas environment for your festivities. What else could you want, how better could it get?

Despite the gradual return to normality, COVID has greatly impacted our way of life and the people in it. As we know, unfortunately many local and independent businesses were in dire need of our support, with many closing their doors for good. Livelihoods and happinesses were snatched away by unusual circumstances, so the reunion and conclave of Wimbledon’s diaphanous businesses and community commences the regression of better times. As Mitchell herself has stated, “Wimble is all about bringing the local community together. Champion small businesses and artisans commemorate the face of Wimbledon, and the people who live here. We’re starting with collaborative Christmas hampers aimed at showcasing the best of what Wimble has to offer and we look forward to celebrating Christmas!” . The sight of support and togetherness was heartwarming, and we cannot wait to see what next Wimble has in store for us. Buy your Hampers at Get them whilst they last!