Saturday the 20th. A big day for many rugby fans.


Having been brought up in a household of avid fans I’ve watched a lot of rugby but never have I had the experience to actually go to Twickenham. And an experience it was! 


The day was bitterly cold ,exactly the temperature rugby should be watched in, and the rampant crowds were elevated with nerves and thrill. Every step you took prior to the game was filled with food vans, merchandise stalls and of course fans of all ages united together for the match. 


The teams came in on  coaches where fans jovially admired their favourite players,  taking pictures and videos with the younger ones on parents shoulder displaying grins of astound. 


Kick off started at 3.15pm and England started of the match already dominating with 2 tries scored from Manu Tuilagi and Freddie Steward. However despite this sublime start South Africa weren’t left dismayed. With Handré Pollards four impressive penalty kicks putting South Africa at only 5 points within England by half time. 


After half time despite England’s lead the team stayed vigilant when it could be easy to become complacent in their play. However South Africa’s clear drive to win definitely contributed to England having to stay completely on the ball. In the second half the leading team switched ends a few times with tension and chants of support rising to a crescendo. However finally in the last minute England’s Marcus Smith finalised matters with a reckless kick over the post. Finishing the game at a 27-26 win to England. 


England fans left the stadium glowing with exultation. The younger fans or people like myself who were just exhausted from all the action left after the game to travel home whereas some celebrated with friends getting drinks or even participating in Twickenham’s offerings of karaoke and live music. 


 I think this little spark of triumph and joy was just what many rugby English fans needed to make the long, dark, cold month of November more bearable and I immensely look forward to attending more as I grow older and gain more of a proper understanding towards rugby.