Storm Arwen is due to sweep the UK over the weekend with strong winds, snow, rain, and cold temperatures being warned by the Met Office. 

But London is one of the few places in the UK that the storm is not predicted to hit. 

The Met Office is still warning that the capital will reach freezing temperatures with outbreaks of sleet, rain, and potentially snow to appear. 

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London Weekend Forecast:


Outbreaks of rain at the start of the day and will slowly clear away as sunny spells appear. 

It will be windy but will move to a breeze later in the day, and expect cold temperature with the maximum at just 8 degrees. 

Overnight there will be outbreaks of rain and sleet with strong winds expected to move across London. 


There will be windy and cold outbreaks of rain and sleet throughout the day. 

There is forecast to be some snow appearing over hills that will become more confined to the east during the day.

Bromley: Outbreaks of rain with a 40% chance of precipitation and wind gust of up to 27mph, with a maximum temperature of 4 degrees. 

Peckham: Expect sunny spells and a chance of sleet with a minimum temperature of 0 degrees. Winds will reach 29mph and have a 60% chance of rain.

Lewisham: Scattered showers throughout the day with a 40% chance of rain and winds reaching 26mph. The maximum temperature for the area will be 8 degrees. 

Westminster: Windy start to the day with highs of 37mph gusts and the temperature reaching 4 degrees. Plus there is a 60% chance of rain in the area.

Greenwich: Cold temperature at just a maximum of 4 degrees and wind gusts of 34mph. A dark cloudy day with the highest chance of 60% rain.