On the 14th of November 2021, Orpington Rovers U10s played against Forestdale Bishops in a cup match for the Autumn Shield. 

Myles, Left Wing of the team told me that they went in feeling “excited and determined to play”. Since it was remembrance Sunday, they started the match at 11:30 with a 2 minute silence to commemorate those who fought for their country in the war in WW1. 

Three goals were scored by the right wing, Harry, two of which were assisted by the LW (Left Wing) Myles. In the beginning of the match, they scored one goal however they got tired and let Forestdale get two goals in. After this, Harry, then scored two more goals but Forestdale caught up by scoring another goal. At this point the score was 3-3.  

Since this was a cup match, there needed to be an extra five minute time. In this time, Alfie the teams CB (centre back) scored another goal making the score 4-3. “Forestdale tried to get back” said Myles however there wasn’t enough time because the match ended with Orpington Rovers winning 4-3. 

Myles said that he was "very happy to win this match and ready for the next match with Bromley FC who are very hard to beat”.