This month, I watched Pablo Larraín’s newly released ‘Spencer’ starring Kristen Stewart at Richmond Odeon. The highly anticipated film was released on 5th November in the UK and it has proved to be worth the wait.


After all the praise this film and it’s leading actress have received, including Oscar buzz, I felt it was obvious I had to watch it.


The film is a biopic which follows Princess Diana’s life ten years after her marriage to Prince Charles, especially focusing on three vital days during Christmas. Throughout the film we get to explore the Princess’s relationships with the Royal family, including the Queen, Prince Charles, and their sons, and even staff members like her dresser and the chef.


Many would say the film deals with a woman’s identity and making tough decisions, whether that be to do something that will benefit you, or to please other people. Kristen Stewart proves her skills by showing the journey of a woman who has been outcast and emotionally abandoned by her whole family. Some would say Stewart can’t capture the essence of Princess Diana but I was more than impressed by her performance. Stewart manages to deliver a more than believable Diana, even though they are separated by experiences and generations. She achieves this through using a convincing accent (she worked extensively with a voice coach), to the signature head tilt and adopting a shy, uncomfortable facial expression.


In my opinion, the most impressive part of the film was the cinematography. Haunting shots manage to capture close and personal moments of Princess Diana, especially when the film reveals her struggles with mental health. My favorite scene was the Christmas dinner, when Princess Diana refuses to go back, and runs away, with scenes of her speaking to the ghost of Anne Boleyn, someone who also married into the royal family - and lost her head. 


With a soul-stirring soundtrack, exquisite visuals and perfect acting, this film is one you should not miss.