CYKL HAUS BOUTIQUE, a cycle house in London Hammersmith is still suffering even though the covid cases are better nowadays.

Even though the lockdown has already been canceled for a while, the condition for the cycle house is still unclear, and unsure.

During the lockdown, the CYKL HAUS BOUTIQUE was also suffering just like others. However, even nowadays when lockdowns are removed, the situation is still not optimistic. Because of the remaining covid cases, the patterns for the cycle house are completely messed up. People's timetables have been filled with uncertainty because they got disturbed by the remained covid problems. They can't make sure they have got enough time for going to the cycle house.

The owner of CYKL HAUS BOUTIQUE, Joseph Bua-otema, has said: "In September, we were expecting more people to come as same to past years. However, we didn't reach the expected result as the uncertainty increases after covid."

In addition, even if we transfer the session to the online method, the condition won't be any better. Because many other cycle houses have also done the same thing, so as the result the competition will be very harsh and cruel. Joseph also says that "There are more options online and people may choose others."

Another thing that has caused this condition is that the attitude of people has changed.

Surprisingly, even the lockdown is already in the past, people's willingness of going has not turned back to its original position before coivd.